Here we go…

My name is Sydnee! I’m 27 years young and live in the great state of Texas with my boyfriend and pup. This blog is my free space. A place where I’m hoping to share snippets of my life with all of you.

The Facts!

  1. I hiked Pikes Peak twice. Once with my dad and another with Steven on my birthday. The views are absolutely gorgeous.
  2. Once, on the tram at the Denver Airport I shared a pole with Paxton Lynch (I had no idea who he was at the time)
  3. I’m a morning person and in bed most nights by 9pm
  4. Winter is my favorite season. Although we don’t get snow and it doesn’t get too cold in Texas; I love being bundled up in warm winter clothes. Snow is always a plus!
  5. I helped name my 9 year old sister, Channing. Yes, after Channing Tatum.
  6. I can’t start my day without a cup of coffee and I can’t end my day without a cup of bedtime tea
  7. By no exaggeration – my best friend is my grandpa. He is wise, crazy and wildly inappropriate and I love it. There are many things I’ve inherited from him over the years but the most notable are: my road rage and constant site seeing while driving.
  8. I love the smell of vanilla cookie crunch scented wax for my wax candle holder
  9. The picture on the top is the first picture Steven and I ever took (the first night we actually met) and the one on bottom is the most recent picture we have together.
  10. One day I will get a tattoo on the inside of my left wrist. It will say, “Love You” in my grandma’s hand writing with the shape of a heart my grandpa drew. It’s been a solid 5 years that I’ve thought about getting it…the day is coming
  11. I’m overly obsessed with taking pictures – all I need is a professional camera!
  12. I’m completely obsessed with Old Navy – 97% of my clothing is from there.
  13. I have four little sisters! I’ve had a hand in raising them since I was 12 years old and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They say that having younger siblings is the best form of birth control, well I think that had the opposite effect on me.

What’s a fun fact about you? I would love to hear it!