Happy Valentine’s Day loves!  I hope you all enjoy your day and it’s filled with lots of love!

Outfit Details: Dress (Old Navy) | Jacket (Old Navy) | Boots (Target-similar

I get a twofer every Feb 14th – not only is it Valentine’s Day but it’s also my anniversary and this year it marks 5 years! We aren’t big “Valentine’s Day celebrator” people and we typically tend to stay away from any public scene on the 14th. Instead, we celebrate a few days before or after Feb 14th and it works out just fine!

Last year we went to the Lost Pines Resort and Spa for a romantic weekend getaway. Let me tell you, it was perfect. Highly recommend going and doing the Soulmate Sunset Massage. You can certainly do something similar to that at any luxury hotel but if you’re in the Austin area Lost Pines is a pretty good spot. This year we aren’t doing anything too fancy or costly. We decided to do a little restaurant hop. Have you ever done that before? I got the idea from my parents, who are too stinking cute. The idea is to pick a few restaurants, sit at the bar and order a drink and an appetizer at each place.

My parent’s do this every now and then when they go out on date nights. It’s a perfect way to experience several restaurants and different atmosphere’s. We chose a few places in the Domain here in Austin. If you aren’t familiar the Domain is filled with restaurants, shops, apartments, outdoor activities, etc. It really is the perfect place to do a little restaurant hop.

So the three places we chose were: Cru Wine Bar, Paul Martin’s, and North Italia. I can’t tell you guys enough how perfect these places were! We played it safe and ate the small plate options at Paul Martin’s and North Italian, this was the plan as we didn’t want to fill up at one restaurant. We did make one mistake though…we didn’t eat ANYTHING at Cru Wine Bar. Wine tasting then full glasses of wine without eating anything…well it made us feel good really quick haha.

If you haven’t done a restaurant hop you really should try it out, you won’t be disappointed! If you have done one I’d love to hear the places you picked and your experience!

It’s been a crazy 5 years but I wouldn’t want to have spent them with anyone else. I love you like crazy and I look forward to many more anniversaries and Valentine’s Day’s with you. Stay tuned for my next post…How Steven and I Met w/ pics from our Valentine’s Day/Anniversary night dinner!