It’s that time of year again guys! The holiday’s are upon us. Christmas is my favorite time of year. As silly as it may sound I truly love the joy the season brings. I will say though the gift giving part of the season can be a little overwhelming. Especially buying for multiple people and different taste. I hope that with these holiday gift guides you find something that everyone will like and therefore eliminating some of the stress that naturally comes with the holidays.

Take Away Tip:

One thing I do with both my siblings and Steven’s is a secret santa gift exchange. I think this is a GREAT idea especially for large families, and like ours, a growing family. I have 4 younger sisters and Steven has a brother, sister, and brother-in-law. Instead of getting gifts for EVERYONE we draw names and thats who we shop for, secretly. I should mention that we do it separately. We draw with my sisters and also draw with Steven’s siblings. This is just a simple way to minimize shopping and save a little money.

Items below with an (*) before it = Steven’s Top Picks.

Men’s Linkable Gifts
  1. Back Massager 
  2. *Grill Set
  3. Warm Beanie
  4. *Cologne
  5. Backpack 
  6. *Yeti Tumbler
  7. *Bose Headphones
  8. Aired Silicone Holder
  9. Slippers/House Shoes
  10. Duffle Bag
  11. Robe
Other Gift Ideas
  1. *Xbox One Wireless Controller – Elite Series 2 (newest controller available) 
  2. *Nintendo Switch
  3. Apple AirPods with Wired Charging Case
  4. Cards Against Humanity Game
  5. Men’s Toiletry Bag
  6. Beer Making Kit
  7. Shaving Kit
  8. Hydroflask
  9. *Nike Running Shoes
  10. *Nike Joggers
  11. *Bose Speaker
  12. Tool Kit 
Men’s UN-Linkable Gift Ideas
  1. Concert Tickets
  2. Surprise Trip
  3. Sporting Tickets

Merry Christmas you guys!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.