Happy Friday loves! Wow it’s been a week that’s for-sure, so thankful its finally Friday!

I’m excited to share these fun July 4th finds with y’all. Everything expect one pair of sandals and my jeans are from Old Navy, my favorite, as most of you already know. I walked out with almost everything except for the overalls but y’all better believe i’m going back to get them! They are so cute and really comfy!

All the product details are above each picture…there is also a scroll bar at the very bottom that has ALL the items in one spot…just click on the picture and it will take you to the site for purchase.

!!Through today, 6/22, use code “OHYES” for and extra 25% off!!
Shirt – size: S | Jeans  – [American Eagle] size: 6 | Shoes [Target – Universal Thread] size: 7.5


Shirt – size: S |Overalls – size: M |Shoes – size: 8


Shirt – size: S |Sweater – size: S | Jeans  – [American Eagle] size: 6 | Shoes – size 8


Shirt– size: S | Jeans  – [American Eagle] size: 6 | Shoes – size 8


Dress – size: M| Shoes – size 8


Shirt– size: S |Shorts – size: 6 | Shoes– [Target – Universal Thread] size: 7.5


Dress – size: M| Shoes – size 8


Dress – size: M| Jacket – size S | Shoes – size 8

Just click on the photos below to purchase items! I’ve added some pieces that I thought were super cute.