Kennedy’s Schedule

Hey there yall! While I'm excited to be writing this blog post it's at a time when Kennedy is slightly out of her routine! I do think it's due to the time change we just had. I'm hopeful things will start to get back to normal (fingers crossed today is that day)! None the less we have been on a solid schedule for about 2 months now and it's been glorious. Before I go any further I need to give credit where credit is due. Moms On Call has been so great for me. It's a set of books that...Read More

Natural Life Code

Hey Girls! Happy's a new week! I'm excited to share this boutique with yall! Their flagship store is located in Jacksonville ,FL but can be found in many retail shops across the US. Their products are not only cute but spread joy and happiness. Their graphic tees are actually what drew me to them a few months ago. [back story] I was visiting my family in CO and noticed my mom wearing the CUTEST graphic tee - the color was so perfect - the fit was amazing - and the quote on the back "Be Happy" was the cutest!...Read More

My Must Have Baby Products

Hey you guys! I've been working on this post for a while now and excited to finally hit that "publish" button! When I was going through and putting items on our baby registry I had NO idea what I was doing. Honestly, I was just zapping everything at Buy Buy Baby and hoping people would just get me what they thought was best! The past three months though, I think I've come to learn what we like, don't like, and absolutely can't live without! For those of you who are expecting, trying to get pregnant, or have a new born...Read More

July 4th Sales

Happy July 4th week Friends! Are you doing anything fun: going out of town, watching fireworks, etc.? I don't think we have anything extra special planned...we may go to the pool for a whole 5 minutes and then back home (we are so fun)! I don't know, i'm not sure that Kennedy is ready for the loud sounds of fireworks...maybe next year! July 4th has always been the holiday week that my family along with two other very close families go on a trip together. When I was in high school we would all go to South Padre Island, TX,...Read More