Happy Sunday Loves! I’m  so excited to share these workout pieces with you!

Finding good workout clothes can be difficult, especially if you don’t want to break the bank! Well I have a little solution, Target! While this post is all about Target’s active wear, I do have a place in my heart for Old Navy’s active wear! Both stores offer extremely awesome, inexpensive, and most importantly comfortable pieces.

All pieces below are non-maternity! I’m a sucker for any piece of clothing that can be worn during pregnancy AND after pregnancy. Why spend tons of money on something you are going to wear for less than 9 months. I say this and totally believe it but I also know that maternity items are a must, like my jeans! There is absolutely no way I could wear my “normal” jeans while 7 months pregnant…NO WAY!

My Jacket is so so cute and comfy! I’m wearing a Small and there is plenty of room even with my bump. I would stick to your normal size and just know that it might be slightly over sized. Oh and it has the holes for your thumbs which is always good!

My pants are a medium. That is my normal pre-pregnancy size and with these pants they work out perfect! I’m all about buying clothing items that will work both during pregnancy and after pregnancy.

You can shop this outfit by clicking the photos below.

I love a good pullover! Anyone else?? This pullover is extremely soft and stretchy AND has the holes for your thumbs – bonus! I’m wearing a medium for reference. All my active wear pull overs are a medium, I like these to be a little oversized all the time.

My pants again are a medium and work perfect. There is no cutting in and the waist fits right under my bump. Very comfortable!

You can shop these pieces by clicking the photos below.

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