So, I’ve had a few people ask me what my pregnancy must haves are. 100% something I hadn’t really thought about before but now I am! I’ve put together a simple list of my top go to products/items during these 9 months of CRAZY!

  1. Prenatal Vitamins – I switched to the Ritual Vitamins for this pregnancy and so far I love them! They smell so dang good!
  2. Pregnancy Pillow– Get you a good prego pillow or just use multiple pillows for support. This is the one I have – it’s pretty big, tbh, but it really does come in handy esp in the later months when you’re super uncomfortable.
  3. Big water bottleto make sure you’re drinking enough through the day. This is the most recent water bottle I’ve purchased from Amazon and LOVE it! y’all, it’s funny how a water bottle can hold you accountable!
  4. Coconut Oil for stretch marks – I get the Central Market Organic Coconut Oil from the grocery store…super simple and affordable. This is what I used when I was prego with Kennedy and didn’t get stretch marks. I also put this on Kennedy every night until the was probably 5 months old.
  5. Pant Expanders– I’m so excited about these! Just go these from Amazon and, fingers crossed, will work through my entire pregnancy!

Other great items to keep close…

  1. Nausea Medicine – I chewed Ginger Gum the first trimester (CVS or Walgreens)
  2. Comfy Shoes – especially as you enter the third trimester and your starting to feel uncomfortable
  3. Safe Beauty Products – may need to switch up some items you usually use. Do your research & ask your doctor.
  4. Comfy Clothes – There are a few maternity pieces I purchased with Kennedy but TBH I tried to simply size up in regular clothes/brands. I appreciate and love some maternity pieces they can just be expensive! 
    • With that being said, I did purchase (1) pair of maternity jeans, from Target, with Kennedy and LOVED them! I don’t think it would be horrible to get one or two pairs, esp if they are more comfy for you! 
    • Tops: If I purchased maternity tops I would try to get the ones without the fringe on the sides so I could wear them after! Aerie is such a good store, IMO, because their items are oversized already! Perfect for a growing bump. 
    • I’ll work on a list of retailers / maternity items I recommend. 

Okay, so there it is! My simple list of top pregnancy must haves! What are some of yours?

I will make sure to publish another blog post for postpartum must haves!