I can NOT believe I’m just writing this but better late than never…right? I wanted to share a little of our baby story and just how excited we are to be parents.

We always knew we wanted to be parents and wanted to have multiple kids. Steven is the oldest of three and I am the oldest of five so I think it’s only natural that we want between 3 – 5 kiddos haha. I wholeheartedly believe that I  was put on this earth to be a mom. It’s a crazy feeling to know that I get to live that and give Steven the chance to be the awesome dad I know he’ll be.

So, while we knew we wanted to be parents we did not expect it to come so soon. Yes, she was unplanned and unexpected but oh my is she exactly what we need. We found out that we were pregnant on Monday, July 23rd. I took the test, walked out of the bathroom and said “I’m nervous you look at it first”. Steven walked in picked up the stick stared at if for a second, looked back at me and back at the stick and finally said “We are going to be parents”. We went through all the emotions, scared, joy, happiness, to full on tears. We just realized that our lives were forever changed, for the better. We now have something so incredible to look forward to.

Steven and I are probably the most impatient people…so when we heard we could take the blood test and find out the sex of our baby we were ALL about it. When the results came back I gave them right to my boss and he ordered confetti cannons for us. Steven and I shot them off in our backyard, just us and it was so perfect. We couldn’t have been more excited to see pink confetti shot out of the cannons…we are going to have a baby girl! Our sweet Kennedy Jane is due in March 2019.