I’m so excited to share this post with you all! I’ve partnered with PinkBlush Boutique to share some of my favorite maternity pieces. The best part about the items I’ve selected is that I will be able to wear them AFTER pregnancy. How great is that?! How many maternity clothes do you buy that only get boxed up and put in storage until the next baby or never get worn again? This is true for some of the pants I’ve purchased (for obvious reasons); However, I’ve tried to purchase shirts I can wear after my pregnancy.

The blue top below is so good you guys! It’s extremely soft and cozy, I can’t help but rub my tummy all day long. I’m wearing a size small, my normal size, and it’s a perfect fit.

Click here to shop my Navy Blue Top –> Navy Color Block Long Sleeve Maternity Top

Click here to shop their entire site –> Shop PinkBlush

Click here to shop their Maternity Tops –> Shop Maternity Tops

Click here to shop their Maternity Dresses –> Shop Maternity Dresses

Here are some of my favorite picks from their site – all could easily be worn after pregnancy as well. Click on any item to shop!