Happy Tuesday Loves!

Gosh, it’s been a while since my last post…I can’t really explain how busy we’ve been the past few weeks: traveling, work, family…it’s never ending! I’m going to really try to be better though about being more present on my social media platforms though.

So, I stumbled across this new shampoo and conditioner, totally on accident but SO happy I did. I was at Target looking for the same shampoo and conditioner I usually use. Well they didn’t have the that particular product on the shelves. So I started looking up and down the isle and spotted Love Beauty & Planet. I read the label and immediately put the pair in my cart! To be honest, I’m not sure that I will get another brand…

Love Beauty and Planet has 6 different fragrances of shampoo and conditioner pairs. The two I’ve used so far are: tea tree and vetiver & coconut water and mimosa flower. They also carry other products: dry shampoo, damage repair oils, smoothie cream for frizz, and body products.

This company is all about the “small acts”. Making big changes one small act at a time. Each product is vegan, made with organic materials, natural oils, ethically sourced water, they are not tested on animals, and each bottle is 100% recycled plastic. Love Beauty & Planet is no more expensive than any other product you will get, making it super easy to give them a try! You can find them anywhere: Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS & Amazon!

In the pat I’ve tried different products that have left my hair feeling flat and slightly oily, this product does not do that. It was very easy to switch and my hair took to it nicely. Give them a try, you might surprise yourself and fall in love like I did!

Oh and this post was NOT an AD…I just really love this product and want to spread the word!