I’m so excited to bring this product review to you guys!

First things first, I want to make it VERY clear that this is in no way sponsored. We purchased the stroller and this is a honest and true review. 

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We made the decision to purchase the single-to-double- stroller as we now have two under two and it made the most sense for our growing family. Mockingbird also offers a single stroller option which may make more sense for your family. Simply depends on where you’re at with having kiddos, how old your other kids are, etc. Which ever way you swing, I LOVE this stroller and here’s why…

Shop the Mockingbird Website HERE
Is this stroller really that good? For the price, yes! 

YES! 100% yes. When I started looking for double strollers the majority I came across could be broken into two categories:

Option One: under $250 and bulky

Option Two: over $850 clean and sleek 

I wanted the clean sleek look but definitely didn’t want to pay the price! That’s when I came across Mockingbird and SO happy I did. Our stroller with the accessories/attachments we got came to $524 + FREE shipping! Similar [high-end] strollers are closers to $850+!! 

The chart below is what our exact order looked like – prices and item! 

Single – to – Double Stroller$395
2nd Seat Kit $100
Car Seat Adaptor $30
$524 + Free Ship

pros & cons of the stroller – pros STRONGLY outweighs any cons, IMO!

Affordable Accessories Sold Seperatly
NOT Bulky Certain configuration of seats
Modern Look Need to purchase separate car seat
EASY to put together
Single-to-Double Capability
Several Configurations

Best Attachments/Accessories to purchase:

These are the accessories I think are most important/ would be most beneficial to purchase with your stroller. NOT all are necessary but I would argue some are. The necessary ones, IMO, are indicated with an (*).

  • *Car Seat Adapter ($30) – this is a must have if you want to use your carseat with the stroller.
  • *Infant Seat Insert ($30) – 100% if you’re purchasing for an infant/NB. This is the easiest (safest) way to use the seat that comes with the stroller.
  • Carriage ($100) – I wouldn’t say this is a must have but would be convenient and cute! We didn’t purchase this and I kinda wish we have the option in having it.
  • *2nd Seat Kit ($120) – another must if you’re intending to use the single-to-double as a double stroller at some point.
  • *Snack Tray ($30) – I have not yet purchased this but plan too! Kennedy always enjoyed snacks in her old one so it only seems right to purchase for the girls in this stroller.
  • *Cup Holder ($15) – like I mentioned ALL accessories are sold separately. This is another must for me. Gives you not only an option for a drink but for your phone/keys as well. This would come in hand during a walk around the neighborhood.
  • Parent Organizer ($20) – this is a good option but not a must have, IMO. You can also purchase from other retailers.
  • Footmuff ($50) – if you live in cold weather and walk outside I would 100% recommend getting this! Obviously you’ll bundle your little one up before heading outside this is just an added layer that will provide warmth, comfort, and peace of mind.

Seat Capacity:

The top (comes w/ stroller) and bottom (purchase as 2nd seat kit) seats are exactly the same; They each hold children up to 45lbs.

Honset Thoughts:

My honest and overall true thought on this stroller; I LOVE IT! The price, the look, the size, the accessories, all of it is why I’m such a huge fan.

I would buy this stroller all over again, hands down! I can’t recommend it enough.

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