Hey Hey Mama! Grab a coffee and sit tight – let’s get through this second registry together!

Having a second baby, while glorious and exciting, is a little different than your first. Heck, you’re entire pregnancy probably looks different. THAT’S OKAY! While writing this I’m 34 weeks along and NOTHING is done for baby, like n.o.t.h.i.n.g. you guys. At this point with Kennedy the room was painted, we had the baby shower, hospital bag was packed – we were READY to rock and roll!

I say all that because I truly believe it’s normal and okay that we are a little “behind”. We feel more prepared for what’s to come because we’ve been through it all already. Non the less – you guys, there are still items you are going to need with the second baby! Perhaps MORE than you originally thought. At least that’s what I came to realize when doing research!

Many of my friends asked if I was going to do a second baby shower or sprinkle. At the beginning I was 100% against the idea but the more I realized how much I need I doubled down and created an invite for a drive by sprinkle, in true 2020 fashion. Even if just diapers come – I am thankful! 

You can do a big baby shower, small sprinkle, diaper party, etc. Many ways to help bring in those necessary items you are GOING to need! So, I will say that it totally depends on the age difference of your kiddos. My babies will be about 21 month apart and below is the list I have come up with for me. Now, if you’re older kiddo is 4-5 years old you may not need a double stroller and two way baby monitor. Just keep that in mind. SOME of these items you are not going to need. 

The list below is what I have come up with that fits my family, my babies age difference, and stage of life Kennedy is in. Below this list are shopable links to all the registry + other items I’ve purchased for baby! 

2nd Baby Registry Must Haves 
  1. Diapers – NO Brainer! Even if you have a diaper stocking party, you will most certainly be thankful for the influx of diapers. Especially if both kiddos are in them (like mine)! 
  2. Double Stroller – for us, this is a must have! Kennedy will be 21 months and still sits in and enjoys her stroller. While we aren’t out and about as much as we used to be – going on walks, going to the park, the zoo, anywhere where there isn’t a shopping cart available we will NEED this! This mama doesn’t play around with a kid running away from me! We decided on the Mockingbird Stroller. It’s converts from a single to double which was also VERY appealing. For those times that we don’t need the double capacity we can easily convert it. 
  3. Two Screen Baby Monitor – Again, another must have! Kennedy will probably have a monitor in her room for a whileeee at least until she’s securely sleeping in a big girl bed. IDK that might sound weird to people but that’s okay. I’m defiantly the over protective type. Her bedroom will also house most of her toys when Baby comes home so I can move the camera around to make sure she’s okay when playing. 
  4. Crib / Crib Mattress – So this is obviously not a must depending on the age difference in your kids. Kennedy is still in her crib and SO not ready for a big girl bed. Also, her crib converts 3 ways so when she is ready we can just take a rail down. Same with the one we got for baby. I also wanted all white furniture for baby and Kennedy’s is gray. 🙂 As far as a mattresses go – I want to get the Newton Baby Mattress. 
  5. Dresser – New Human = New Furniture. Maybe if you plan on having them share a bedroom you may not need this item. Our babies won’t be sharing, at least not yet. Not until both are sleeping soundly through the night. 
  6. White Noise Machine – Another must if babies are in separate rooms. We got the same on Kennedy has – LOVE IT! 
  7. Diaper Pale – 2nd baby, 2nd room, double the diapers – YES PLEASE! 
  8. Binki / Pacifiers – Which ever you call it, if use these you’ll need to get new ones. THIS is one of the items I read that you should 100% NOT reuse. 
  9. Bottles / Bottle Nipples – same with the binki. This is not an items you want to reuse. Get NEW Bottles + Get NEW Nipples! 
  10. Infant Car Seat – You may not need this! This is one that we don’t need because we kept and LOVED the one Kennedy used. However, if it’s been more than a few years since your first you may want to “upgrade”/”update” your car seat…for safety purposes. 
  11. Baby Blanket – While we have a TON of baby blankets I think it would be special for new baby to have their own. We will be getting baby a new, fresh baby blanket! 
  12. Baby Bath – In all honesty, we still have the tub Kennedy used and we loveddddd it! The net/sling thing for NBs is no longer good – time to change! If you’re in the same position you may want to just get a new (CLEAN) one! 
  13. Bath Towels + Wash Clothes – get baby a new set, clean and never been used special for them! 
  14. Burp Cloths – Okay, I know this may be super random / maybe an obvious item BUT I didn’t think of it until I found all of Kennedys old ones. EW! haha so gross. I threw them away and will be getting baby new (again) clean ones. I don’t get the cutesy ones though I get a bundle of cloth diapers and use those! 
  15. Baby Book – I’m not the best at keeping up with Kenndy’s (first) baby book. I switched books when she was a few months old and LOVE this new one so much, I decided to get baby the same one. 
  16. Infant Medicine – Might be a no brainer but again, I didn’t think of it right off the bat. Stock up on the necessary medicine/FridaBaby products you may need. One thing we used with Kennedy is the FidaBaby Windi!! LifeSAVOR! 
  17. Clothes – I kept most, if not all, of Kennedys clothes – Thank Goodness! I went through them a few weeks ago and tossed quite a few because of stains. All in all we need a few night gowns, onesies, etc for baby. 
  18. Postpartum Mom Care – Make sure you have everything you need for when you get home! Fridamom has a recovery kit that has everything you need! Having a second babe we get caught up on making sure baby and older sibling are taken care of – don’t forget about you! 

Okay, that’s it! Or so I think. I hope this helps a few of you mamas out there when deciding what you need for baby #2.