Happy Tuesday friends! These past few weeks have been challenging to say the least. I’m 100% used to staying home all day because I’m a stay at home mom. HOWEVER, I’m very much used to running to Target or Old Navy or to the park, friends house, etc. Now, those are no longer options. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like right now for parents who are both working from home AND have children in elementary school. Juggling work schedules and school schedules – acting as parent, teacher, and professional all at the same time. INSANE! One more – I couldn’t imagine knowing someone who is sick with COVID-19. These are crazy times.

Not going to preach too much but it’s so dang important for us to do our part and stay home! We can’t control this virus, the path it takes, or other peoples actions. The only thing we can control is our actions and hopefully, in doing that we flatten the curve.

Staying home. This has been SUPER interesting and looks different for every family. For us, we have one full time parent, one stay at home parent, and a toddler. Nothing too crazy and to be honest nothing too different from our past everyday routine. We decided to get a few new toys for Kennedy to keep her busy and entertained through the days. THAT is what I’m going to share with y’all; the few outdoor and indoor toys that we purchased for Kennedy at the start of social distancing that we love! In addition to the items we purchased we also added in a family walk almost every night! This is my favorite addition. Having family time away from the house and any electronics is so nice and refreshing.

Okay, so here are Kennedy’s newest toys…

  1. Kitchen – This was another birthday gift for Kennedy and another one that she LOVES! She’s still trying to figure it out but any time she plays with it she is captivated by it haha PLUS how cute is it!?!
  2. Discovery Battery Powered Car – OKAY! So this is hands down the BEST thing and Kennedy’s favorite FAVORITE toy! She really loves going outside and riding in this car. The best part, it came with a remote control so we are able to control the car. Kennedy would be too young otherwise. If you wanted to get one item, and you were able lot get this one, I would 110% recommend this! I will say, Kennedy got this car as a birthday gift from my parents. 
  3. Slide – we use this slide inside and Kennedy loves it! She likes to have Bunny go down, she thinks it’s the funniest thing! The slide itself is probably as tall as Kennedy. So NOT a small slide! 
  4. Blow Up Pool – LOVE this! It’s truly a good size pool. Kennedy has enjoyed her time in it! I accidentally blew the roof up too much and popped the seam – sooooo make sure not to blow it up too much b/c the cover was truly the best part! I also included the pump I got from Amazon – such a good pump and $8. 
  5. Swing Frame – this is the frame from Amazon. Like I mentioned the seat is crap BUT the frame is pretty good. WONT last forever but is perfect and exactly what we were looking for for now. 
  6. Pink Swing Seat – Little Tikes swing. We purchased this b/c the seat that came with the frame was crap (to be completely honest) this was also NO big deal. SUPER easy to put this swing on the frame and works perfectly.
  7. TeePee – I wanted Kennedy to have a tent but not a tent haha – I saw this and purchased it almost immediately. It’s so cute! She likes it and will go in it every now and then. Steven likes to hide in it and play hide-and-seek with Kennedy! 
  8. Bubbles – I think any kiddo would love bubbles, sidewalk chalk, jumprope, etc. Kennedy likes the bubbles but is still too young for the others. 
  9. Pottery Barn Chair – Another birthday gift for Ken. She isn’t in love with sitting still for too long BUT she gets excited when she sits in her chair, even if it’s for 2 minutes, lol. On a side note, this chair is the perfect size! I see her sitting in this for many years! 

You can also click HERE for my post on “Things To Do At Home” – there are a few more toys linked there.

I hope y’all enjoy these toys as much as we do!!